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My name is Hannah. I gained my yoga TT in Rishikesh, India, where I met many cows! They are regarded as holy creatures there and can be found roaming freely through the towns. They brought me a lot of joy during my experience.

I am passionate about utilising yoga to change our neuroplasticity and help our often busy nervous systems to chill out a bit. When I began my journey of teaching yoga to improve mental health, one of the first asanas (poses) I discovered which benefits us psychologically was Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose). 

This is why I teach under COW FACE CLUB, a ‘club’ where I encourage the inclusion of everyone of all abilities, backgrounds and ages. I wanted to bring back what I learnt to my practice in England, including my new found love for cows! 

The most common phrases I hear are “I’m not flexible enough” or “I’m too old.” But I truly agree with the quote “if you can breathe, you can yoga.” I believe yoga can be a really beneficial tool in releasing tension, promoting a sense of calm, as well as looking after our lovely bodies physically. And it really doesn’t matter whether you can touch your toes!

I look forward to practising with you. Please feel free to email if you have any questions about a session, or even just want to find out a bit more about yoga itself! 

Testimonials from Clients

Straight from the Source

Several years ago Hannah became my personal fitness trainer and in the past two years she introduced me  to yoga. I found that yoga is a different way of getting fit. It relieves tension, gives me greater flexibility and tones up my body. I am 86, so to me it is important that I keep my balance and muscles as fit as possible. Hannah radiates energy and enthusiasm for her profession and in a gentle and calming way she always makes me feel better after a a class.

William R

Hannah is a compassionate and patient teacher who weaves mindfulness into gentle yoga practise. I have found my yoga sessions with her to be an opportunity to slow down and regain my focus. I have also noticed a new freedom of movement in my body. The sessions are a great antidote to stress.


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