Transformation Stripped Back

The New moon on Sunday 12th April marks the first new moon of Spring. New moons are typically associated with new beginnings and as this one is in the realm of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, it invites powerful energy, encouraging us to create intentions and manifest new habits that serve our highest selves. This lunar placement is the ideal opportunity to tap into personal empowerment and step into action that is in alignment with what we really want.

Focussing on the moon helps us to perceive the bigger picture. While it is important to stay grounded in the day, if we let ourselves become too attached to the details we can’t control, we forget we are living in an expansive universe, where the moon has the power to touch the tides and we have permission to embody or alchemise the energy around us.

There is a notion that every day is the same, many of us have been going through the motions, experiencing ground-hog day, waiting for someone else to announce freedom. This is understandable; I also identify with the frustration of the limitations. But ultimately, we are only as stuck as the stagnant energy within us. And everything is energy. Which means everything can be transmuted.

Moving energy does not require rituals or intense movement, it simply asks for intention and breath. Too often we expend so much effort in fighting the direction of the proverbial river that our attempts to shield ourselves from the “wrong” direction end up accumulating more resistance. More stagnant energy.

I have never really resonated with the“motivational inspiration” of “just be positive” or “if you want it enough you’ll make it happen.” It kind of bypasses the neurological processes that build up our internal programming and it undervalues the substantial groundwork necessary to create meaningful and maintainable change. I do believe everyone deserves the life they want and we are limitless - I just believe the best results are birthed from honouring the unique culmination of steps that lead us to our personal development.

The most significant two words I’ve come to appreciate in creating positive change are “choice” and “repetition”. Committing to any goal, whether it’s a dream-career, giving up a habit, lifestyle transformation or transcending core beliefs by creating new neural pathways, requires decisions to be made over and over. Micro-decisions that align with what we really want. It sounds obvious and simple - because it is. Trying to change patterns that have been engrained into our subconscious for years is not an overnight job. Attracting a dream job may first mean overcoming obstacles of insecurity or fear. It is easy to struggle upstream and believe we must not deserve it, begin comparing, or fall into doubt. We might exhaust ourselves believing constant hard work is the price we must pay and sacrifice our health by refusing to rest; the quintessential “no pain no gain” game where you are promised results at the cost of your well-being, relationships and true values. Or we may slip into denial and say next week we will start, or when someone else or something else gives us permission. Or maybe we tell ourselves we are content, that the buried emotions and deeply rooted patterns insidiously hijacking our lives can stay hidden where they are because we are managing to distract ourselves just fine. Trying to manifest change without honouring that our default way of operating has become deeply engrained, by years of repetitive choices, thought patterns, societal conditioning, is a disservice to ourselves. This type of urgency can deprive us of truly cultivating healthy habits and lead us to sabotage our label ourselves as a failure. To prevent this type of neural backlash we can return to the present and take one small action in our favour - like thinking one new thought that supports our direction.

Part of releasing old habits is to realise that our subconscious is operating our lives most of the time, so it requires staying objective and observing the choices we continue to make and the patterns that play out that do not serve us, while not judging ourselves. Entering fully into the present moment is always where we can locate our power. This awareness creates space, where instead of criticising ourselves we begin to try out new, small actions that do serve us. And then we repeat. We don’t give up when life throws curve balls or when energy gets stuck or dark days inevitably arrive. We don’t need to give our power away by blaming anyone else for robbing our freedom, but take responsibility for our inner universe. We notice, and we begin again, with small, repetitive, bite-size choices. We move the energy, not by repressing or distraction but by holding space and setting intentions.

Energy is stored in the body, and until we move it, it stays stuck and manifests as anxiety, aches, chronic illness and other dis-ease. But we all have the power to alchemise that energy, to make a new choice and honour our ability to create the life we want.

This new moon is an opportunity to look up and recognise the higher perspective. We are not enslaved to our past, our programming or even our latest choice. We can release old habits and set new ones by intentionally focussing on where we are, on who we are (a miracle in this cosmos) and give ourselves the patience and encouragement we deserve. It’s easy to glance at others and think they have it all figured out, but we are all in this together and anyone who decides to be an active participant in dissolving worn out patterns to pave way for ultimate liberation, is someone who is proactively building the foundation of their own resilience, authenticity and highest self, even if it feels messy in the process. Real growth takes guts and it doesn't always look like the masterpiece it truly is.

On Sunday 11th April at 7.30pm I invite you to join me for a free New Moon Pyjama Yoga and Pranayama session on zoom. This will be a restorative practice with a focus on releasing old habits and carving out concsious intention for new choices that serve your highest self. We will take advantage of the New Moon in Aries and allow any stagnant energy to be transformed. Relaxation and surrender is the antidote to resistance, so that we can let go of the old and free up space for the new beginnings we are all ready for.

All are welcome, if you would like to join email for the zoom link.

And don’t forget to look up at the bigger picture, the moon is on your side.

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